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Krypton, the new Sunday night party at La Casa de la Pradera

Bazar Dadá put on a wild session with lots of pop and electronica


Taking a photo of Sandro Bedini and Jon Mármol is no easy task. The two artists, from here on out known as Bazar Dadá, arrived to our interview at La Casa de la Pradera, a friendly queer bar on Carrer Carretes, armed with an arsenal of plastic pistols and neon lights. "We want to convey the spirit of our party", they said. Their flood of ideas made our photographer's head spin, but they clearly achieved their goal.

Sandro and Jon met 10 years ago while working at a Llongueras hair salon. One designed shop windows, the other was an interior decorator. They immediately hit it off and have collaborated on creative projects ever since. At first, they threw fun house parties where everyone ended up in wigs and heels (at the very least). And now they are moving their private soirees to a cocktail bar on Sunday evenings. In choosing the night, they took inspiration from what they call the best party currently happening in Barcelona: Churros con Chocolate. "We love it. Whenever we go, we have so much fun. We decided we wanted to organise something with an equally great vibe."

After hundreds of WhatsApps, they came up with a name for their event: Krypton. "It is Superman's planet and gives us a lot to play with in terms of what we want to do: a fun, outrageous session where people can show up in galactic outfits, paint their faces, and dance to pop, electronica and forbidden house." When you arrive, they invite you to a sweet, green cocktail called kryptonita. In the back room, you can float away on a wave of fluorescent lights and glitter. "We want people to feel comfortable and have unabashed fun, we want them showing up in platforms, loud colours and extravagant patterns," they add. Barbarella, Flash Gordon and Trueno serve as inspiration for this party, which looks like it might turn out to be the surprise hit of the season. Paint your face, take a sip of green and let your inhibitions go: the party is on!

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