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LGBT Film Festival

The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival celebrates its 13th year with a dozen feature films and four sessions of shorts

FCIGLB 13: Route of Acceptance

For its 13th edition, the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Festival (FICGLB) rounds up films depicting the struggle for human rights in the LGBT community in over 20 countries, with quality and innovative cinema. Young filmmakers in Russia and Cambodia take great risks in creating cinematic representations of repressive laws in their respective countries to expose these social realities to the world.

This year the FICGLB also includes other topics such as bullying as a sign of homophobia, identity issues in adolescence, and lack of social awareness, among others. The programme also features several live appearances by the filmmakers themselves, presenting their work and participating in Q&A sessions with the audience. Sit back, relax, and join us for 10 days of international LGBT cinema, feature films and shorts, documentaries and narratives, full of drama and humour. Like life.

FICGLB 13: Uomo


The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (FICGLB) starts – a day before the official kick-off at the Filmoteca – with a screening in the Casa Amèrica of four Latin American short films, 'Amazonas del Oeste' (Argentina, 2012), from Maximiliano González; 'La maldita ilusión' (Cuba, 2012), from Carlos Soriano; 'El acompañante' (Perú, 2012), from Álvaro Delgado; and the feature film 'Uomo' (Argentina, 2012), from Rafael Escolar. The session will be presented by the founder and director of the FICGL, Xavier Daniel.

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16 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: Ignasi M


Dir. Ventura Pons, 2013. Catalonia. 85'.The 13th edition of the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (FICGLB 13) begins with the premiere in Catalonia of the new documentary from Ventura Pons featuring Ignasi Millet, a prestigious museum director who faces hard times but does so with humor, sincerity and courage.

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17 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: Heterosexual Jill

Dir. Michelle Ehlen, 2013. USA. 80’.A woman who identifies herself as an ex-lesbian catches up with an ex-girlfriend to prove to herself that she's no longer attracted to her ex. A satire on sexuality that's never quite what it seems.

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19 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: R/Evolve

Dir. Billie Rain, 2013. USA. 85’.Lucas and Lincoln are a young couple who just got engaged. They have good jobs, a nice home and dreams of marriage. But everything changes when Lincoln picks up a hot hitchhiker sporting a pink triangle on his bag. This film asks what equality looks like and what it costs.

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22 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: Route of Acceptance

Dir. Heather Tobin, 2012. Canada. 112'. A conceptual film that plays with the idea of the possible existence of destiny. While trying to decide which university to go to, aspiring screenwriter Ryan Starck is aware that this choice will mark her future. The film shows the three possible scenarios of this young lesbian's life and how her decision will lead her to choose between her family, her career and her love. The presentation will be given by the director, Heather Tobin.

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25 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: Marcelo

Dir. Omar Yñigo, 2012. Mexico. 95’.From an early age, Marcelo turned to comic books as a refuge to escape from bondage, fears and complexes in his life, at least momentarily. He dreamed that Platino-Kid, his favourite superhero, would one day come to rescue him from his pathetic existence. Years later, young Marcelo feels he’s found the embodiment of Platino-Kid in Julio, his eccentric neighbour, who aspires to become a porn star. The film will be presented by its director, Omar Yñigo.

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26 Oct 2013

FICGLB 13: Hot Guys With Guns

Dir. Doug Spearman, 2013. USA. 103’. The 13th Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival comes to a conclusion with a type of gay James Bond. And the director, Doug Spearman, will be there as well.

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27 Oct 2013