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The Knife

After hours

It's 3am and all the headliners have left the stages. Now what? Don't worry, we'll show you the way

If you're one of those who are already wiped out when the bouncers clear everyone out in the wee hours, go ahead and stop reading. But if you're the type who's left wanting more but not knowing where to keep the party going, we'll give you the keys to ending each day of Primavera Sound with a bang. Two groups on the threshold of headline status will be playing after 3am. First it's Animal Collective (Thu 23rd) with their contemporary psychedelic rock, which, if you like, can lead into Toundra's moody, instrumental rock or Jackmaster's '80s house music. The next night The Knife (Fri 24th) alternates dark ambient with noisy experimental music and, if that doesn't knock your socks off, go try London's post-dubstep sensation, Disclosure. If you prefer guitars, give The Knife a miss and head for punk band Titus Andronicus's sharp guitar sounds, and then on to the garage punk-pop of King Tuff, a friend of J Mascis who was once a member of Happy Birthday. If you're still going strong, give in to Omar Souleyman (Sat 25th) and his Syrian dance: you'll make it to Hot Chip (Sat 25th) without a problem. Alternatively there are a few house dance options: The Suicide of Western Culture and Headbirds. And Primavera Sound always has to end with DJ Coco bringing us a wide variety of pop - even Journey.
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