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Dexys Midnight Runners

The veterans

They're twice the age of most of their audience as well as many of their fellow performers, but they're among the festival's major draws. They're proof you can get older and still be very, very cool.

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Time Out Barcelona Editors
At 59, Kevin Rowland (59) is still going strong as the front man of Dexys (Sat 25th), set to be one of highlights of the festival. He'll perform, from beginning to end, 'One Day I'm Going to Soar' (2012), the album the group made upon reuniting after 30 years. It'll be a theatrical and emotional show without too many of the classics, but more than enough to make up for the queue to get into the concert hall. And yes, one of them will be 'Come On Eileen'.

The visit from Dead Can Dance (Sat 25th) will be a bit less exciting, but only because they were just here in October. Lisa Gerrard (52) and Brendan Perry (53) are back after 16 years with 'Anastasis' (2012), and their mix of dark, post-punk, ethereal world fusion with new age music is as strong as ever.

Daniel Johnston (52) also visited quite recently (last year), but on Friday you may be curious to hear the father of lo-fi sing the Casper the Friendly Ghost song in a place as hi-fi as a concert hall. Hopefully he'll feel just as at ease as in the concert he did in Bikini last year.

And even though he doesn't belong in this list according to age (in fact he's even younger than Nick Cave), J Mascis's (47) long white locks are deceptive, and the experience of Dinosaur Jr. (Thu 23rd) is worth mentioning. They'll be performing 'I Bet on Sky' (2012), and you can bet they'll rupture your eardrums. How do you think he ended up with such white hair?
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