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La Taquería

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  1. La Taquerí­a
    La Taquerí­a
  2. La Taqueria
    Foto: Maria DiasLa Taqueria
  3. La Taquería
    Foto: La TaqueríaLa Taquería
  4. La Taquerí­a
    Foto: La Taquerí­aLa Taquerí­a
  5. La Taquerí­a
    Foto: La Taquerí­aLa Taquerí­a
  6. La Taquerí­a
    Foto: La Taquerí­aLa Taquerí­a

Time Out says

In the Sagrada Família neighbourhood you'll find a tiny street called Passatge de la Font, which is like a little part of Mexico right in Barcelona. It's where the air is filled with wafts of cilantro and you'll find La Taquería, a restaurant that specialises in tacos and is as authentically Mexican as you can get outside of the country itself.

Painted in vibrant red, green and blue, La Taquería has a mostly Mexican clientele, which is a good sign. And if it weren't for the restaurant being in the shadows of the Sagrada Familía's towers, I'd say I was in a popular neighbourhood in Mexico City, maybe Coyoacán, close to where Trotsky lived.

The menu is divided into starters, stews, soups, baked cheeses, tacos, alambres, 'quecas' (like quesadillas), and desserts. Before deciding, we order something to drink. I'm with someone who knows from Mexican dining and orders a 'michelada', which is a traditional drink that's a mix of beer, lemon juice, salt and a sauce that's similar to Worcestershire. I order a Negra Modelo. With our thirst quenched, we order some 'pastor' tacos – the traditional variety that come with the beef marinated with orange juice, pineapple, vinegar, tomato and spices; the 'arrachera' alambre, a mix of meats with a base of onion, pepper and pork served with corn tortillas; and crispy quecas filled with squash blossoms that are meaty and pair perfectly with the cheese.

Each dish offers a good amount of food, and there's just enough room for dessert. My expert friend orders a cheese flan, and I get a coconut ice cream. Going to la Taquería is a full experience, but just one word of warning: the size of the dining room is inversely proportional to the quality, and thanks to the success of the place, you'll want to book one of the small tables in advance so you're not waiting in the doorway, your senses full but your belly empty.

Written by
Daniel Vázquez Sallés


Passatge de la Font, 5
Sagrada Família (M: L2,L5)
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 1pm-11.30pm; Fri, Sat 1pm-midnight; Sun 1pm-11.30pm
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