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Shops for children

Everything kids could need or want: clothes, books, shoes, toys


Possibly the most beautiful children’s clothing shop in Barcelona. Elena Mayoral opened Lotta with the goal of selling ‘pretty things’, which is why she doesn’t much like to talk about brands, but more about the products, which come from all over. Printed T-shirts, wall decorations, retro bathing costumes… It’s a fantasy-like space inspired by beloved children’s character Pippi Longstocking.

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Dreta de l'Eixample

Casa Anita


A place made for kids and teens but still fun for adults, where you can spend hours discovering the marvels between the covers of a book. You can ask for help from the bookseller, listen to recommendations from other customers or just explore freely, picking up whatever catches your eye. There’s a hardcover section, one for those that haven’t yet learned to read, another full of well-loved stories, right next to a small selection for adults – with only titles that the owner likes – and a section for fiction, music, theatre, poetry and art, sitting opposite the educational books, games and books about books. But the apple of Casa Anita’s eye is hidden in a bunch of wine boxes – the picture books, with fiction separated from non-fiction, of course. Self-edited books, origami and puppets have also found a place here.

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Vila de Gràcia

Piu et Nau

This children's label for kids aged 0 to 9 years old categorises its own clothes as "not so basic basics". They work with natural materials and design comfortable, creative patterns so that your kids can be snuggly-dressed from day one. In their Sant Gervasi shop they also have a small collection of clothes for women.

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Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

Go Kids

Go Kids brings together a collection of clothes and accessories for children at their shop located right in the very centre of Barcelona. There you will find brands like Lola for kids, Kik Kid, Visual poetry Barcelona, Hatley and Limobasics; hand-made clothes by Kambakids, Mamitaquerida and Nama'nala; and an outlet corner with items from Imps&Elfs, Milibe, Al Solete, Ada Ada and Moonkids.

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El Raval

Petit Gegant

Petit Gegant specialises in clothing for children between the ages of 0 and 8. The designs are what most of us would have probably wanted to wear as kids: striped patterns, chequered shirts, loud cheerful colours...

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Violeta e Federico

A tiny and cosy shop, painted in different hues of blue. The clothes take pride of place with their hand-made touch, rustic but retro styles, warm tones and floral prints.

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La Mama Vaca

Upgrade your baby’s wardrobe with classic and timeless clothes that fit into your travel budget. La Mama Vaca offers everything from shirts for baby and momma to wipes and flexible shoes.

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