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  1. Something to say

    ‘Losing innocence’. ‘La bolsa o la vida’. ‘Open your mouth’. Barcelona-based company Barrio Santo uses fashion (particularly t-shirts) to convey its values and attitude. The designs combine text and illustration to powerful and appealing effect. The fact that the company champions sustainable fashion and collaborate with community organisations is an added benefit. Barrio Santo, ‘Never shut up’.


  2. Back to basics

    Along with denim jeans, the t-shirt is the basic par excellence. Marc Jacobs already said as much: it seems like something so old that will always be. The organic cotton tees by Japanese company Muji are a safe bet. And they're addictive: once you've tried one, you'll never go back.


  3. Creative synergies

    Krizia Robustella and W.I.A are two Barcelona brands that drink in urban culture. In giant gulps. They also live the life they reflect in their designs. And they like sharing their passion with other artists. Berto Martínez illustrated ‘Splash’, Robustella's summer collection that frolics between dolphins and starfish.


  4. Photo prints

    The t-shirt as canvas, as the blank page, as the starting point for experimenting and coming up with something new. This is why we like t-shirts that use real images. Whether it's old family portraits touched up with colour spots as in the work of French designer Laetitia Eloye or the snippets of daily life by Mary and Luis, an Italian-Spanish team that also plays with text and illustration.



  5. Textile music

    Are you into design, technology and music? Then welcome to Playwithme. The brand, based in Barcelona and Antwerp, just released a series of retro-style t-shirts that feature a QR code. By scanning the code, you get to discover a world of new music by up-and-coming bands (Muy Fellini, Kerovia, Even mud...). Take the music with you wherever you go.


  6. Big-name brands

    Yes, we know. We always end up finding a great t-shirt at Mango, Zara, H&M, Topshop, etc. (as much as that might or might not bother us). But they're cheap because they never last long. If you're a big-brand enthusiast, seek out a distinguishing element. The asymmetrical t-shirt by & Other Stories is a great example of refined, Scandinavian style.


  7. Subtle irony

    The image of an igloo in the desert is disconcerting. Seeing a hero like Mazinger Z with a black eye is startling. This defines Ddeloi. With his designs, Eloi Rossinés invites us to reflect on and question what we think we know and accept as fact. But he also likes getting a knowing smile and lets us in on what's happening. In times of rampant corruption, a t-shirt featuring The Daltons makes more sense than ever.

    Tomate (Banys Nous, 22).

  8. Illustrated times

    Liquid and sensual girls who captivate in pencil and watercolour. These are the muses Conrad Roset draws. They have moved beyond the screensaver and now appear on t-shirts too. It was only a question of time before they made the leap from pixel to cotton. Qstoms also sells t-shirts with drawings by Paula Bonet. The time of the illustrators has come.


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Time Out Barcelona Editors
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