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TMB metro cards
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Barcelona's metro system to compensate customers

Wondering what to do with those Barcelona TMB metro cards that have expired or are about to expire? We've got answers

Written by
Claudia Ibáñez

During this confinement period in Barcelona, we’ve been spending more time in our own neighbourhoods than ever. If we can, we walk to the supermarket, and we try to keep our spirits up at home with books, virtual theatre productions and concerts, and plenty of films and series online. Barcelona seems nothing like the cosmopolitan city we’re accustomed to. So if you’re staring out your window missing the city and it dawns on you that your public transport card is about to expire and you’ve barely used it, don’t worry, because you’ll be compensated. Barcelona’s metropolitan transport system (TMB) will give us all the details on exactly how to go about claiming compensation once the period of confinement has come to an end.

Free transport
From April 2 to 9, TMB is offering free public transport throughout Barcelona for those who work in essential jobs and still have to commute to and from work. You do have to validate your ticket, but you’ll see the journey is not marked on the card.

T-Jove and T-Usual
If you have any TMB cards that have expiry dates on them – including T-Familiar and T-Grup – hang on to them in order to get compensated at the end of the confinement period.

If you have any tickets with a limited amount of journeys on them but without an expiry date, you’ll be able to use them as usual once the quarantine is lifted.

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