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T'estimo Barcelona

We are not afraid

Barcelona terror attack

María José Gómez
Written by
María José Gómez

Sadness, helplessness, frustration, fear, anger... These are the emotions that take hold of us in the face of the terrorist attack on the afternoon of August 17 on the most emblematic street of our city, so close to the Time Out Barcelona offices. We are not the first. Unfortunately, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, Damascus are other cities that have suffered indiscriminate violence, as if there were any other kind. This time the weapon was a van, but the target is always the same: people. Life.

We know the intention behind these terrible acts. But we're strong. Barcelona is an open, cosmopolitan city that loves culture and welcomes diversity. The people of Barcelona stand together, as has also been seen in the wake of the attack: taxi drivers offering free transport, hotels opening rooms for those who need them at no charge, people queuing to donate blood... We have strong values as a community, and any attack, as horrific as it may be, will not shake them. Together we will work to make the city we call home even better.

We are not afraid.

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