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How to make a Blue Blazer

Fire up America's classic flaming drink to dazzle all of your party guests

Written by
Dan Q Dao

Concocted by Jerry Thomas in the 19th century, the Blue Blazer requires a seasoned and steady-handed bartender to pour flaming bourbon back and forth between two mugs. The resulting bright blue stream of liquid for which the drink is named has captivated thrill-seeking boozers for years. Watch this video to fire up your own classic Blue Blazer (using extreme caution), as taught by Pete Canny of New York's Good Night Sonny.

Blue Blazer recipe:

Ingredients (serves two):
2 steel-plated mugs (required for safety)
2 toddy or coffee mugs
5 oz Old Grand-Dad bonded bourbon
1.5 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz demerara syrup
2 orange peels with clove studs
1 pot boiling water

Prime both toddy mugs with boiling water to heat them. Set aside.
While the toddy mugs are warming up, fill one of the steel-plated mugs with the bonded bourbon (or any that’s more than 100 proof bourbon).
Dump out the hot water from the heated toddy mugs, and add the .75 oz of lemon and .5 oz of demerara syrup to each.
Prep the garnish by adding 4 to 6 clove studs to each orange peel. Set aside.
Add 3 oz of hot water to the steel mug with the spirit in it.
Carefully light the liquid on fire to create a clean blue flame.
Gently toss the burning liquid back and forth five to seven times between the two steel mugs. The pour creates a long blue stream.
Extinguish the flame by capping the unlit steel mug over the top of the lit mug.
Distribute the drink evenly into the two toddy mugs, and garnish with the studded orange peels.
*Use extreme caution when handling flaming spirits.

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