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Cory Hodgson (Photograph: Supplied)
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[Sponsored] You’ve one week to try cocktails inspired by the community heroes of some of Australia’s top bartenders

Chivas Masters Week celebrates the best bartenders (and some of the tastiest drinks) Australia has to offer. Chivas has selected six finalist bartenders from across the country who’ve impressed the judges with their bespoke cocktails, all of which you can try at your local bartender’s regular bar from April 16 to 22.

The theme of Chivas Masters Week is ‘community’, with each of the top finalists creating a cocktail inspired by someone special in their local community. From housemates to farmers each bartender has paid homage to someone who has played an important role in their community, and effortlessly encapsulated them in a delectable Chivas cocktail.

There are two Chivas Masters Week finalists in Queensland: Justin Croucher from the Gresham in Brisbane and Cory Hodgson from Lockwood on the Gold Coast. Croucher's cocktail is inspired by a green-thumbed friend of his who set up a community garden. As such his cocktail, the ‘Garden of Guise’ ($17), includes earthy flavours like ginger and carrot juice, yuzu caramel and or course Chivas Regal.

And if you find yourself in the Gold Coast, try Cory Hodgson’s cocktail, ‘the Shore Line’ ($17), pays homage to the ocean and to creating a zero waste community. Hodgson and his dad used to drink lemon, lime and bitters by the beach and this inspired him to recreate these flavours in the cocktail using housemade nori bitters, lemon broth and Champagne yeast. 

Head into your local finalist’s bar to try the limited edition cocktail and show your support. Throughout Chivas Masters Week there will also be nightly giveaways on Instagram where you can win a bottle of Chivas Mizunara to share with your friends. To enter just snap a pic of your favourite finalist's cocktail, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #chivasmasters.

Chivas Masters Week is on throughout Australia from April 16 to 22.

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