5 Rhythms ~ Wild Abandon ~ West End

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5 Rhythms ~ Wild Abandon ~ West End
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5 Rhythms ~ Wild Abandon ~ West End says
Welcome to 5Rhythms® in West End. This is a weekly Wednesday night event. Come and sweat your prayers in curiosity, in celebration, to ignite your dance, and set your Rhythms on fire.

Do you want to feel your aliveness?! Release into the natural rhythms of body, heart, mind, soul and spirit? Come and move with Wild Abandon...meaning no more than listening in to the wisdom of the body and releasing all that holds us back from being as free, as fascinating, and as radiant as we can be.

wild |wʌɪld|

• living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated
• not civilized; primitive: the wild tribes from the north.
• indicating strong emotion: her wild eyes

abandon |əˈband(ə)n|

• allow oneself to indulge in (a desire or impulse)
• complete lack of inhibition or restraint

5Rhythms is a creative free-form dynamic movement practice that generates momentum for awareness and deep healing. There is no choreography...other than following the body, and listening in to it's wisdom. The dance offer's us the space to drop out of the mind and into the feet, to allow the beat of the music to hold us as we step out of our own way and be danced.

It is at once meditation, medicine, and a series of maps to ecstasy. By putting the body in motion we heal the psyche. Everyone is welcome, exactly as they are… any age, any shape, any size, any capacity of fitness, any level of dance-ability. All you need is a body and a willingness to move.

A shamanic practice that calls us into a deep embodied awakening. It is a creative and expressive free-form dance practice that generates momentum for deep healing.

Called to dance her whole life, Honor stumbled over the 5Rhythms 16 years ago, trained with ‘urban shaman’, Gabrielle Roth, and these Rhythms continue to deeply inform her own practice and teachings. She is a passionate, heartfelt, and spirited 5Rhythms® dance teacher who sees her role as seducing people back into a unique, authentic, and vibrant expression.

Honor's wild, tender, & compassionate style will guide you through these 5 movement landscapes ~ Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness ~ which combine to form a Wave of energy intrinsic in all naturally occurring phenomena.

This is a weekly wednesday night affair with the dance.

West End Uniting Church Hall
11 Sussex Street (cnr of Vulture St)
West End . Brisbane

You can't get it wrong.
And you are always welcome exactly as you are.

No need to book. Just turn up.

On-going classes are $20/15 (conc.) at the door.

For any details or queries, please feel free to contact me here.

With love
Honor Morningstar

Flowing . Staccato . Chaos . Lyrical . Stillness
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