60 Minute Online Business Insights Session

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60 Minute Online Business Insights Session
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60 Minute Online Business Insights Session says
Topic: How to Become an Expert, Charge Higher Fees and Land More Corporate and Mid-Market Clients

Guest Speaker: Dr Abbie Widin, Growth Strategist and Principal, One Extra Zero

Experts often have a wait-list and command higher fees. In short, they are "In Demand".

When you claim your place amongst the experts, you can step into your value and raise your fees. You'll work with more prosperous clients who value the unique contribution that you make.

In this valuable and thought-provoking 60 Minute Online Insight session, Abbie Widin, PhD, will help you discover:

• When is the right time to take charge of your business or your career.

• The 3 fastest ways to establish and communicate your expert status, why there is no such thing as a “market rate” and the 5 tell-tale signs you are not charging enough.

• Why it takes as much effort to land a large client as a small client and how to secure your relationship with a large client so it doesn’t matter if your contact leaves.

• The proper role - and timing - of creating proposals when landing new clients.

Consultancy Growth Expert Dr Widin will guide you through the exact steps that will take you from where you are right now, to the next level of lucrative clients who value you and your expertise, and generating you a greater income.

In this online discussion you will learn how to:

* Land more corporate and mid-market clients.
* Establish yourself as an expert and opinion leader.
* Raise your fees and charge more.
* Become even more "In Demand".
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By: Women's Network Australia