Ban Live Export..Demo The Worst Cruelty Witnessed

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Ban Live Export..Demo The Worst Cruelty Witnessed
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Ban Live Export..Demo The Worst Cruelty Witnessed says
Animals Australia's brave investigators risked everything to gather crucial evidence within the live export industry, which has just been released on the ABC.

On Saturday 25th June, stand strong and rally against this brutal industry in light of Animals Australia's urgent call that has unfolded around their latest investigation in Vietnam.

The Department of Agriculture is in turmoil as media reports emerge exposing the horrific sledgehammering of Australian cattle reportedly some of the worst cruelty ever documented in the live export trade to date. Also deeply entrenched in this industry is corruption.

With the looming federal election, THIS IS THE TIME for the Australian public to tell our politicians what we think about the live export trade, and that THIS IS THE TIME to END this heinous trade once and for all.

The Vietnamese abattoirs’ standard operating procedures do NOT meet the Exporters Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) requirements, a system that was put in place in 2012 to protect Australian animals from being brutalised. Vietnam has already had a number of breaches in the past.

The bottom line, again, is these breaches would not have been investigated and exposed were it not for Animals Australia’s investigators who continue to scrutinise this trade. Again the system is failing and animals are being bludgeoned to death, and those who profit from it should hang their heads in deadly shame and be brought to account.

We currently have a regulatory system that depends on a mere charity (Animals Australia) to be its watchdog, and on exporters to monitor themselves. This is NOT a system that ensures safety for the transported animals or instills confidence in the community that this WILL occur.

Every day that the live animal export industry is allowed to continue, more animals face the cruelty of treacherous journeys on the open oceans and, at the other end if they survive, a terrifying death is guaranteed … neither quick nor without torture.

We ask you to stand and be counted and be prepared to put pressure on the government to end this inherently cruel trade.

and let’s band together in protest.

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By: Coast To Coast Animal Friends

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