Doorknock Training + Doorknocking Neighbours About Local Council Elections

Things to do
Doorknock Training + Doorknocking Neighbours About Local Council Elections
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Doorknock Training + Doorknocking Neighbours About Local Council Elections says
This will be our first big group doorknocking afternoon. We'll be holding a comprehensive training session for the first hour or so, followed by doorknocking to talk to neighbours about local issues.

What to bring:
- hat
- water bottle
- comfy shoes
- enthusiasm

This training is open to everyone, from the most experienced, to people who have never doorknocked before. For those who aren’t particularly keen to jump straight into real-life doorknocking after your first training session – not to worry! You’re more than welcome to come along to training and skip the second part.

The plan for the actual doorknocking is to get into teams of two [one experienced doorknocker and one first timer] and each complete one or two allocated streets.

Don’t think you know enough Greens council policy to hold a meaningful conversation with someone? Don’t worry! For the next few months we don’t plan on trying to tell people about our policy so much as listen to what people in the Gabba Ward actually want. One of our organisers has helpfully described it as completing a ‘log of claims’. That is, a catalogue of claims that have been collected from as many people in the Ward as possible, which will underpin which policies we eventually campaign on and, with a bit of luck, which policies Jonno pushes for as a City Councillor.

The Big Picture

As we have said before, the campaign should reflect internally the values it hopes to espouse externally, which is, at its heart, a far more direct form of democracy. This doesn’t just mean decentralising our organising model, but also giving as much policy making influence as possible to the people Jonno will hopefully, ultimately represent. Our message becomes that much more powerful when we can say that our ideas for the Ward don’t just come from the Greens, but from thousands of Gabba Ward residents who helped contribute to our campaign log of claims.
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By: Jonathan Sri, Community Organiser