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What on earth is a Fuck Up Night?

On a set date at a set time, people gather in a range of venues (mainly bars and pubs) around the world to have a drink and a chat. Sounds like a normal night out, yeah? Well... Almost.

There are two simple rules for the night:

1) Meet someone new
2) Share a fuck up you’ve made. It doesn’t matter how big or small the fuck up is.

Let's face it: We live in a competitive society where weaknesses, mistakes or “fuck ups” are covered up, glossed over or ignored, rather than enjoyed for the glorious learning opportunity that they should be. “Fuck Up Night” is an opportunity to celebrate and own the fuck ups we make in life.

It's a free event, so invite all your mates!

For more information, visit http://fuckupnight.spurprojects.org
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By: Spur Projects - Soften the Fck Up

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