Fun Draising Colouring With Cats

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Fun Draising Colouring With Cats
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Fun Draising Colouring With Cats says

Join us for a fun night colouring in the company of our cuddle stars - or sketch one of them!
$25 per person - including a colouring booklet for each participant.
All proceeds go towards the veterinary care of Roofus:
14 year-old Roofus was one of our worst cases of animal cruelty. He had been kept in a cage all of his life before being rescued by Pussies Galore Rescue.
He was rescued over ten years ago along with 21 other cats – one of them being his lifelong companion and faithful ‚wife’ Priscilla.
Another of the cats had a belly full of babies making that a rescue of 28. Roofus himself like most of the others rescued, had many medical issues like parasital infestation, mouth & gum desease an infected eye and ear infections.
When he came to the Pussies Galore Ranch Roofus was terrified. For months he stayed on top of the awning above a window in the enclosure – hence his name Roofus.
Because he had spent his entire life in a cage, he couldn’t use space. He used to pace within one metre even though he had access to a whole house as well as an outside enclosure. For years he fell back into this behaviour, whenever he got scared.
It took many months before Katina was able to touch him. And she’ll never forget the time she heard his first purr.
Graduately he became more loving and trusting and after almost two years living at the Ranch he curled up in bed with Katina for the first time. Now this happens every night – if he can secure a spot for himself.
Two years ago Roofus was diagnosed with thyroid disorder. He was a candidate for the radioactive iodine therapy which cures the disease and makes it possible to live without twice dialy medication. The therapy cost over $1,500.00. It was worth it as he was far to nervous to pill daily. He responded well.
Recently poor Roofus was diagnosed with a tumour in his ear that was the source of a constant infection. He had being going downhill weight wise and had constant diarrhoea. He had many blood tests and other cytology to find out the causes. Days later he developed a limp. Preliminary tests showed cancerous cells.
Roofus has now undergone tissue biopsy and a CT scan of his whole body to determine if there were any more masses. This round of vet bills have cost more than $2,000.00.
We are not giving up on him and even with bad results, we will do what is best for him and make him comfortable and happy. His sweet little squeaks and soft head bumps melt our hearts.
Roofus we will fight for you.
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By: Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane