Gi Rlthing (Bris) Halloween / The Coven

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Gi Rlthing (Bris) Halloween / The Coven
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Gi Rlthing (Bris) Halloween / The Coven says
WITCHES of Brisbane! Due to the response to our Sydney Halloween party, we've decided to host a coven near you...


WITCHCRAFT is said to be one of the most extreme expression of female empowerment our world has seen. It dates back to 1662, when angry villagers wondered why the women of the town were gaining a sense of independence!

Charges of the crime of witchcraft were placed against women who did not follow the social conventions of patriachal control. For the past several hundred years, the image of the witch has been associated with evil, created by non-believers...

This stereotype of the witch is viewed as the ultimate representation of society’s fear of female deviance and power. Fuck yeah.

Snatch and Grab is very excited to present to you;
GiRLTHING Halloween / The Coven

WHEN: Friday October 28th

WHERE: The Brightside

WHO: Miss Blanks, Dj Black Amex, Sophie Luna, Cunningpants, LOWCKY, DJ Death-Stares, Samantha Avon Siren + more.

Tarot Readings and Crafts from 10pm.
Visual Effects by Alex Girardi.

$10 pre-sales (+bf) available here >>>
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