Jude Perl Brisbane Comedy Festival "Part Of This Complete Breakfast"

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Jude Perl   Brisbane Comedy Festival   "Part Of This Complete Breakfast"
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Jude Perl Brisbane Comedy Festival "Part Of This Complete Breakfast" says
Launching her debut album, the only way singer/songwriter/comedian Jude Perl was able to fund her music career was by selling her songs, her brand and her integrity to the lucrative product we all know and love: Sugar Oh's. That's right, delicious Sugar Oh's! Exploiting humanity's shortcomings for over 65 years, and currently hijacking an independent artist's show description to blatantly advertise it's highly addictive product!


Wednesday March 9th - 8:45pm
*One show only

"Perl manages to draw the complete attention of her audience from her opening phrase. There is a narrative sureness in her voice to match its timbral warmth. Like Ute Lemper, Perl has the kind of instrument that inspires lyricists not to slack off, to invest more in their songs” - The Australian

“Insanely clever and comical songwriting. Her lyrics are insightful and hilarious because of their honesty, and her talent for writing hugely enjoyable music only makes the comedy stronger.” - Melbourne Observer

“Extremely entertaining and honest comedy at it’s musical best. If good comedy and good music is your recipe for a good night out then this show is a must” - Theatre Press

“what makes Jude so brilliant is that her songs are simply so funny. Some comedians - such as DeAnne Smith with her gorgeous dinky ukulele - use music as a venue to be funny. Perl fuses comedy and music equally, lending weight to both the skill and craft of each of them” - Illegitimate Theatre

“Jude Perl is a delight. Her comedy fest show “Is it just me?” is a solid hour of why-isn’t-this-on-the-radio songs mixed with lighthearted standup.” - The Plus Ones
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By: Jude Perl