Last Drinks At The End (Of The Universe)

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Last Drinks At The End (Of The Universe)
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Last Drinks At The End (Of The Universe) says
Roll up! Roll up! Step right this way! For the first time ever, the Last Drinks sci-fi sideshow makes its final appearance. Never before and never again will such an astounding array of sensory whizz-pokery be seen under one roof. Prepare yourselves for the most extravagant, the most extraordinary, the most extra-terrestrial evening of trans-galactic proportions. For one night only witness The End - last bastion of analog; the vinyl frontier - transmogrified into an all-singing, all-dancing, out-of-this-world cosmic cabaret….


A mysterious envoy has arrived from the outermost edge of the known universe. It bears an important missive regarding the End of Time:

Destined for the dimly lit enclaves of Brunswick, the intergalactic horse-drawn space-carriage Last Drinks has crash-landed in Bunyapa Park, West End, its navigation systems apparently scrambled by our positive vibrations.

A crack team of space archaeologists working at the crash site has uncovered stockpiles of 12" plastic discs imprinted with encrypted dispatches. Early reports suggest these discs may be polyvinyl chloride, or "vinyl", an extremely rare and valuable compound found only in the outer reaches of audiophilia. These claims have attracted considerable extra-terrestrial attention, with numerous sightings of androgynous vinyl geeks and latex freaks reported over recent days.

Racing to reveal the secrets of Last Drinks before the hipsters catch on, our scientists have developed an amplitude modulation device converting electrical sequences to audio frequencies. They now need inexperienced intergalactic disc jockeys to decipher the message contained on the vinyl before it gets too late. But we must be cautious - the hipster spies are already in our midst, trying to get ahead of the latest craze. To throw them off course we have devised a mind-bending plan…

…an all-singing, all-dancing, out-of-this-world cosmic cabaret, staged in a parallel universe...

So which is the real revue? Which is the spectacle and which is the sideshow? Which contains the secret dispatch? How will anyone know..?

Roll up! Roll up! Step right this way...


Welcome to the LAST DRINKS Intergalactic Cabaret, featuring:

Space Horse
Old Semeil
Just Karl
The Gatling Gun
DJ Patito

Plus attractions:

Kerbside Sideshow
Psychic Puppetry
Roving Oddities
Table-top Reality Displays
Visual Anomalies
Spontaneous Life Drawing


Time: SUNDAY 5th MARCH - 3pm til late
Place: The End, 73 Vulture Street

Dress: Intergalactic Cabaret

<<< FREE ENTRY >>>

NOTE: Last Drinks is a radically inclusive space promoting self-expression and informed consent. This is a queer-friendly event.
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