Million Mask March Brisbane 2016

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Million Mask March   Brisbane 2016
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We are Anonymous says
Anonymous, Million Mask March 2016

In conjunction with the rest of the world, also participating in their MMM, Anons and supporters here in Brisbane AUSTRALIA will also participate.

This will be a PEACEFUL protest.

Those wishing to join us are encouraged to display their protest signs or placard signs describing what is their concern in their personal lives and on this earth we live in.

From Corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, greedy corporations, unjust laws and legislation's, delays in medical cannabis (Natural), big Pharma companies, big businesses that rip off consumers, injustice in our court system, family services to fracking, mining and coal seam gas companies that are destroying our earth.

These reasons above and many more are part of the reasons why Anonymous march and to bring attention to such issues that should concern every living human on this earth.

Our marches not only keep our worlds elite and corrupt on their toes but it also helps with awareness and helps with mentally waking up thousands of others who we refer to as "Sheeple" as they just follow what today's Main Stream Media feed them.

Anonymous wishes to wake the world up and we encourage support for those who are affected from those mentioned above.

We are Anonymous - Expect Us on November 5th 2016!
NOTE: Further info will be added.
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By: We are Anonymous

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