Mos Clubbers Guide Feat. Felix Jaehn / Kyro / Atonez /: The Met

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Mos Clubbers Guide Feat. Felix Jaehn / Kyro / Atonez /: The Met
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Mos Clubbers Guide Feat. Felix Jaehn / Kyro / Atonez /: The Met says

Fascinated by the intensity of melodic and deep house, Felix Jaehn creates his own unique compositions from a variety of resonant fragments. An instrumental base consisting of piano sounds, saxophone solos and marimba notes seems to form an integral part of his sunny melodic house tracks. Another successful feature of the young DJ’s repertoire is his close collaboration with emerging singer-songwriter talents.

His danceable arrangements will excite anyone yearning to escape from it all. Both “Shine” and “Ain’t Nobody” have now racked up more than 3 million views and have been the subject of fierce hype.

With his meticulous feel for sound aesthetics, Felix Jaehn delights listeners and manages to continue developing his love of beat detail. We’re excited about this young artist, long known about in electronic music circles – but whose potential is far from fully realized.


Originally starting out his career as a one-man speed metal band in the late-1930s, Sydney’s own pocket rocket Kyro, has been slowly making his mark on the Australian dance music scene. Like, literally… He actually keeps marking his territory everywhere he goes, it’s kinda nasty. Apart from this slightly insignificant bladder problem, Kyro has also caught the attention of DJs across the globe with his powerful electro house originals and remixes.

Long story short, Kyro's a legend. Get around him.


If you’ve ever broken the seal in a badly lit highway bathroom, inhaled a dirty kebab at a late night eatery or thrown up at a skate park, you’ve probably seen an A-Tonez sticker. You’ve probably wondered who the hell A-Tonez is, and why his face is following you all over Australia and even to that naughty weekend that you spent in New Zealand.

The reason A-Tonez stands out from the bunch is because of his superior showmanship. In a world of button pushers, he is a respected turntablist; scratching & sampling like a madman throughout every set.

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By: The MET Brisbane