Rick & Morty Appreciation Art Show

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Rick & Morty Appreciation Art Show
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The Scratch says
The world is full of idiots who don't understand what's important, and they'll tear us apart, pals. But if ya stick with us, we're gonna accomplish great things. And you're gonna be part of 'em, and together we're gonna run around, friends, we're gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, mates. Just us and you lot. The outside world is our enemy, legends. We're the only *URP* friends we've got! It's just Scratch & Pals. Scratch and pals and their adventures, mates! Scratch and pals forever and forever a hundred years Scratch and pals some things. Us and you and you runnin' around and, Scratch and pals time, all day long forever, all a hundred days Scratch and pals forever a hundred times, over and over Scratch and pals adventures dot com, www.scratchandpals.com, www Scratch anad Pals adventures, all hundred years, every minute Scratch and Pals dot com, www hundred time Scratch and Pals dot com.

Assimiliate ya coal miners and come to our Rick & Morty art show and drink our Rick & Morty beers and watch Rick & Morty with us and get excited about the imminent third season of Rick & Morty.

PEACE *flips you off*
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By: The Scratch

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