Student Night: Fight Ibis + Dangerpenny

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Student Night: Fight Ibis + Dangerpenny
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Student Night: Fight Ibis + Dangerpenny says
Fight Ibis (10:30pm) + Dangerpenny (9:30pm)

Fight Ibis are a 4 piece band whose sound rises like a rusty, melodic, musical rat-rod from an overgrown field of wild flowers. Fuelled with a love of jamming and an abundant blend of genres that makes tying them down difficult, their music sets off on a fresh journey of freedom to unknown and interesting destinations on each song.
With vintage folk, psychedelic and funk overtures dancing along on a swinging backbeat, Fight Ibis's music smoothly cruises as it rumbles on down the road, at times dragging with them heavy grooves and wandering bass lines that are drenched in the best memories that guitar based rock music throughout history has had to offer.
Buried beneath the sometimes punchy, sometimes soaring, guitar leads that lift the spirit, lives a fuzzed out beast that subtly gnaws away at the edges of sanity. These intertwining lines weave together with the melodic lyric lines on multiple levels, offering greater insights with each listen. This depth is a pleasant surprise, kind of like lifting the bonnet on a rust covered, beat-up, road worn classic car and finding a shiny, pristine, finely tuned motor harmoniously humming beautifully underneath.
This combination of old and new inspires and speaks to the heart as their melodious tunes create images of the hazy warm afterglow felt in the wake of an unrivalled road trip. They conjure the fun and unusual you uncover as you rock and roll on the path to strange and novel towns, but their sonic palette also stimulates one’s mind, daring you to continue dreaming of the future. To encourage you to jump back in the car, spin your favourite tracks and undertake a brand new, yet timeless, adventure.
At times Fight ibis's music also offer moments of a deeper, more reflective, lovelorn and introspective nature but it is their simple authenticity mixed with a modern, unique twist that reminds one of all they love about music.

Based in Brisbane. Started as a solo project by Rio Muchada in July 2015 and eventually finding the rest of the tribe in August. Our music consists of an overwhelming mix of alt rock 90s rock influence mashed up together in a bowl of trippy soup. How we came up with our name dont ask ;) Aiming to tear roofs down and playing to our hearts content. Party on!
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By: Rics Bar

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