Sylvia "Band" Play The Best Of Tina Turner

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Sylvia "Band"   Play The Best Of Tina Turner
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Sylvia "Band" Play The Best Of Tina Turner says
That's right fuckers. World famous snake charmers Syvlia are back for another cleansing. King Cobra is rellocating closer to Snake Island we are sending him off with a big ass feast. Fuck you all, come and be snake paste. Nothing could be better and you know it to be true.

We will be performing all our classic songs like When Snakes Attack, Cleanse the Filth, Snake Whore, All it Takes, What's for Dinner, Year of the Snake, Bitten by Snakes, Snake Charm, I'm a Fucking Dinosaur, Shed Your Skin, Judgement Snake, Snake Snow, Snakes are in the Crowd, Scaled Forces, Can't Do Me No Wrong, Nice To Meet You..., We Are Snakes And We Are Proud, A Poultry Genocide, I Love You Snake Girl, Snake Pitt, Snakes Unite, Mud + Chixx = Snaex, Holy Snake, Surveillance Snake,
And It Feels So Good, The Sickening Suite, Snay-Ked, Swipe Right, Snakes Killed My Family (And Now They Come For You, Oi), Would You Care To, Trapdoor, Future Is Snakes, Sooner Or Later (you're going to die), Drive Safely, Breakin' Da Lawwwwwww, John Cage's 4 Minutes and 20 seconds and Mum's Down In Florida With Pearl And Murdy.

We will also be acting generally offensive, ensuring that no one is satisfied in anyway whatsoever. Except for the snakes. Fuck yourselves and come to our gig.

Legendary non-snake Rock Whores, Adam Cadell & Tony Irving will be gracing the stage with their human musk.
Buy their shit here!!

And Jon Smeathers "Booking Snake" the lord of fuckery will be dropping Dj sets throughout the night.

Donate to the cause here by buying our shit ------------------------------->
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By: Sylvia