Synthetics Shitgrinder Derailment Hurricane Death Idylls @Jubilee

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Synthetics Shitgrinder Derailment Hurricane Death Idylls @Jubilee
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Jubilee Hotel says
Doors @ 8:00pm
$10 entry

Synthetics (melb) - A towering wall of crushing noise-rock like the cream of Amphetamine Reptile Records catalogue filtered into early New Zealand punk with Useless Children's bassist guaranteeing tinnitus for all.

Shitgrinder - Shitgrinder make a hell of a racket for just 2 dudes but it's not surprising considering they are half of Shackles, who's DNA you can still hear coursing through this but with more focus on grinding speed and explosive blasting. Totally top notch brutality.

Derailment (melb) - Heavier than hell, ugly and brutalising 90's style sludgecore with globs of noise-rock, death metal, lumpen grind and braindead groove. Sounds like Toxic Avenger's Mop.

Hurricane Death - Super ugly and primitive grinding death metal out of Brisbane. Heavy handed and pulverising sludgy grooves alternate with chaotic swarm-of-bees-flying-out-of-a-tar-pit shredding. Great old school stuff without sounding like a retro throwback.

Idylls - Pushing further and harder against the constraints of metallic hardcore Idylls become even more abstracted and confronting with a finely tuned mixture of utter chaos and razor sharp precision. Touching on a multitude of styles and genres but totally unique and incredibly powerful.
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By: Jubilee Hotel