The Cheep'n'nasty Punk Rock Show

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The Cheep'n'nasty Punk Rock Show
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The Cheep'n'nasty Punk Rock Show says
Well you fuckers ... It is Cheep'n'Nasty time again at the Beetle Bar ... the show were Tallent don't mean shit & Attitude is everything !!! Shits'n'Giggles and action packed chaotic controlled anarchy !!! This is not every cunts cup of tea ... it is Punk Rock the way it was ment to be ... So don't be a prick ... Suport ya local punk rockers & get on over to this one as Most of the fuckin' cunts playing I've never bloody even hear of befor ... Some have been around for a while and others are newish but they are all new to me ... & the cunts we got playing that I have heard befor ... well ... we all fuckin' well know they do kick ass ... in the ass ... on the ass ... up the ass ... & ... around the ass !!!
... ... . . . you know you like it ... . . . .

7:10-7:40-Bazooka Fist
8:00-8:30-Punxie and the Poison Pens
8:50-9:20-Vivian's Hamster
9:40-10:10-The Disgruntled Taxpayers
10:30-11:00-Dangerous Folk
11: ish - 12 ish-Schooner or Later

Vivian's Hamster

Punxie and the Poison Pens

The Disgruntled Taxpayers

Dangerous Folk

Schooner or Later


Bazooka Fist
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By: The Cheep'n'Nasty Punk Rock Show

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