Wildlife At The Zoo Feat: Feels Club And Simi Lacroix

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Wildlife At The Zoo Feat: Feels Club And Simi Lacroix
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Wildlife At The Zoo Feat: Feels Club And Simi Lacroix says
Welcome back to Wildlife, a weekly installment of positive adjectives that make you do some pretty fun verbs. This week we've got some lovely nouns for you in the form of FEELCLUB and Simi Lacroix. See you there, or maybe i'll bump into you on the way to get the paper in the morning? Alright cya later mate.

FeelsClub: Neons, feathers, palms and tasty AF music.

80’s synth heart throbs FeelsClub unleash creative havoc in the form of spicy dance pop. Although the band only formed late last year, FeelsClub have touched BNE with their powerful ability to get even the most sober punter grooving and when I say grooving, I mean lose your shit… like you’re in the comfort of your own room, untamed and belting out lyrics. Since their first gig in March (2016) the trio have already shared the stage with Philadelphia Grand Jury, Bugs and Gideon Benson (former guitarist from The Preatures) and once you pay their live set a visit, it’s easy to see why they’re gaining so much attention. The vocals are raw, erotic and unapologetic, leaving little to the imagination and a lot to your sensations. FeelsClub are not just a band playing music, they are an experience. By the end of a set, you’re left feeling aloof as you realise how (not good) your dance moves probably were, but still you’re lusting for more… and more is what you’ll get.

Simi Lacroix is not human. He is an apparition, an advertisement, a media-made synthetic soft serve machine - a copy of a copy of a copy. Simi Lacroix is a postmodern nightmare dressed in high waisted pants and a polyester shirt. A repulsive egomaniac with a love for a certain decade's decadent brand of blue eyed soul, lathered up with sophisticated harmony and quantised rhythms. He is the malevolent product of a certain Brisbane musician's benevolent fantasy to bring some serious fun back into the sometimes too serious original scene. After sharing the stage with such luminaries as Neon Indian, Multiple Man and You Beauty along with an exuberant set at The Blurst of Times Festival 2016, the local populace are starting to respond to Simi Lacroix’s hyperreal concoctions, signifying certain doom for us all.

BE READY TO CUT SOME DAM SHAPES, be there or be square. Which is also a shape, that you can cut. Let's dance.
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By: Wildlife