Yoga Anatomy Worksop With David Keil

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Yoga Anatomy Worksop With David Keil
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Yoga Anatomy Worksop With David Keil says
Applied anatomy for yoga practitioners

Anatomical Ideas (Friday April 8 2016 - 3 hours)

Introduction to the overall dynamics and systems of the body:

In this evening lecture we will lay the groundwork for more advanced principles and concepts of anatomy as it applies to yoga and movement. We will focus on the integration of the nervous system, fascia, the muscular system. It is these components along with the skeletal system that have the most impact on how we move and how we don't move in our yoga practice.

Exploring the Leg (Saturday April 9 2016 Session One - 3.5 hours)

In this session we will explore the following areas looking at function, dysfunction, technique.

The knee, one of the most complicated joints and why it’s so prone to injury.
The hips as a powerful mover of the legs, a platform for the torso and why they’re so tight!
The pelvis and SI joint
The psoas muscle: the single most important postural and structural muscle in our body.

Breath, Spine, and Shoulders (Saturday Session Two - 3.5 hours)

The spine: understand how and why it functions and dysfunctions the way it does!
Breathing is a primary act of life. It links everything together in the practice and is our gateway to the subtle components of the practice!
How do arms and the complex shoulders affect our practice?

With a better understanding of your body comes a new perspective of your asana practice. No one else can feel and hence adjust yourself better in a yoga-pose than you! Learn how muscles, bones and fascia restrict/enhance movement and shift your practice to a whole new level. David presents anatomy in an easy and fun way - always related to the yoga practice and loaded with practical exercises so you can feel and experience it for yourself.

David Keil is an Ashtanga practitioner and Yoga teacher who has traveled around the world teaching this workshop to yoga practitioners and teachers. The simplicity and accessibility of the information as David presents it brings the anatomy alive in a way you’ve never experienced and allows you to make your own connections to your practice.


Early bird Entire Intensive (Ends March 12 2016) AUD $250
Entire Intensive after March 12 (3 sessions Fri&Sat) AUD $265
Session-1 Friday night 6pm-9pm AUD $85(3h)
Session-2 Saturday 9am-12.30pm AUD $90(3.5h)
Session-3 Saturday 2pm-5.30pm AUD $90(3.5h)


ADDRESS: 12/17 Cairns St, Loganholme

Be quick! This 10-hour workshop is one of its kind! Book early to enjoy your early bird discount! Spaces are limited.
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By: YanaYoga Studio