Yolanda Be Cool /: Coco The Met /: Sat Feb 20

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Yolanda Be Cool /: Coco   The Met /: Sat Feb 20
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Yolanda Be Cool /: Coco The Met /: Sat Feb 20 says

Yolanda Be Cool have played after Pitbull and Justin Martin, Flo Rida and Jesse Rose. They probably have Chuckie's latest bootleg, but they also likely have every song Jamie Jones played last night at their favourite Ibizan club, DC10. Their songs are in Britney's playlists, and Switch's.

They have had a world wide number one, yes, but they also have a growing list of beatport hits, made only for the club. They are as comfortable in Morocco, as a guest of the king, performing before 90,000 people, as they are in a Berlin basement performing for 90. For them, in music and in life, it's the differences that make the difference, whether it be a 1950's Italian folk song, juxtaposed with a fruity techno beat (go on, you know the one), or dinner in Monaco one day, Berghain the next, Johnson and Sylvester have had a pretty good couple of years touring the world. They have been to places they can't pronounce, and places they never dreamt they would, they have their own boat party at WMC which is on the "not to be missed list," but along the way, they came up with the concept for their debut album, "Ladies and Mentalmen."

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By: The MET Brisbane