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7 California-made gifts perfect for the holidays

Skip the generic junk in favor of these special selections, all made with a local touch


Whether you’re on the hunt for a Hanukkah present or just very early for Valentine’s Day, these gifts from some of our favorite California companies are sure to make your loved ones swoon.

Real Fun, Wow! Seaside Print

Decorate with this color-blocked coastal scene printed on archival matte paper from our favorite Ojai illustrator, Daren Thomas Magee. $40–$80

Mohinders City Slippers

Schlep around in this stylish, unisex shoe made from sustainably sourced water-buffalo leather that will soften and mold to the shape of your feet over time. Maybe grab a pair for yourself, too? $145–$165


Old Pal Sativa

Enjoy one-eighth of beautifully packaged, potent flowers from old-school Humboldt cannabis growers at an old-school price. $15

Miwak Junior Nave Papa Charlie

Relax with this large, circular stoneware pipe that’s perfect
for passing around, with a hand-finished exterior that feels like a smooth river rock. $120


Brightland Awake + Alive Duo

Spruce up your meals with two beautiful bottles of heirloom extra-virgin olive oil: one for warm dishes like pasta and stew, the other for salads and marinades and for drizzling on chocolate. Yum! $74

Crow Canyon Home Tumblers

Sip from classic spattered enamelware in a set of four that looks just as good on a dining table as it does beside the campfire. $28


Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

Lather up with soap that smells like a redwood grove, made with organic ingredients and a fragrant blend of wild-harvested essential oils. $20

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