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Time Out says

See over 1 million rainbow flowers in one place

You’ve probably heard of the rainbow wonders of Canberra’s Floriade, but if not, we’re here to enlighten you. This mega flower festival began in 1988 as a one-off floral tribute to mark Australia’s Bicentenary and Canberra’s 75th anniversary, but it turned out that the event was so successful that it has returned to Canberra’s leafy shores pretty much every year since. 

Floriade sees over one million spring blooms planted by an expert team of landscape gardeners, contractors and volunteers. The flowers span 12,400m2 of inner-city parkland in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park, and the general technicolour effect is like that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy lands in Munchkinland – bright, overwhelming and like the saturation levels have been maxed out. Except here, it’s in real life – and in Canberra. 

You can find out more about the program right here.

Maya Skidmore
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