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Nobody wanted anything to do with Caligula: Gore Vidal didn't want his name on it, producer Bob Guccione of Penthouse didn't want the Italian director to finish it (then didn't want reviewers to see it), the stars didn't want to be associated with it. The appealing idea of a raging loony who has the power to pursue his little whims has attracted and sunk better talents than these. Indeed, dotted throughout there are glimpses of what might have been: Caligula enquiring of an ebbing Gielgud what it's like to die, a death machine that operates like a combine harvester, some exotic sets in Italo-barbaric style. But all in all it's a dreary shambles, directed by Brass toto drosso con abandimento.


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Tinto Brass
Gore Vidal
Malcolm McDowell
Teresa Ann Savoy
Guido Mannari
John Gielgud
Peter O'Toole
Helen Mirren

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