Mulholland Dr.

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Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive

Time Out says

Originally intended for TV, Mulholland Dr. is much in the mould of Twin Peaks and Lost Highway. Lynch's characteristically bizarre noir focuses (probably too strong a word!) on a young beauty (Harring) who loses her memory after a car accident and hides out in a house where she's found and befriended by the absent owner's helpful niece (Watts), new to LA in the hope of becoming an actress. Meanwhile, a hot young film director (Theroux) is having trouble with the Mob trying to influence his choice of leading lady. Despite too many detours into nonsensical narrative cul-de-sacs, and too many shots that slowly travel towards corners down darkened corridors to the accompaniment of ominous rumbles, this works well enough as unsettlingly nightmarish suspense. That is, until it suddenly and stupidly decides to switch characters' identities, leaving one with a so-what feeling of déjà vu.


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Release date:
Monday October 8 2001
146 mins

Cast and crew

David Lynch
David Lynch
Justin Theroux
Dan Hedaya
Chad Everett
Robert Forster
Ann Miller
Brent Briscoe
Katharine Towne
Mark Pellegrino
Lee Grant
Laura Elena Harring
Naomi Watts

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