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Straight to video

Dust off that VCR-these highly recommended films have been released only on VHS, at least in the U.S.
Erich von Stroheim�s epic once ran roughly nine hours; all that remains is this four-hour version, which replaces missing scenes with stills. Available at Facets.
Another film that routinely shows up on lists of the greatest silent movies ever made, Josef von Sternberg�s portrait of romance on skid row may be his best film. Facets and Odd Obsession.
Director King Vidor�s widely imitated portrait of city life would be easier to imitate if it were on DVD. Facets.
Many of Ernst Lubitsch�s silents have been released on DVD; no such luck for this bittersweet love triangle, perhaps the definitive Marlene Dietrich vehicle. Facets.
If it weren�t recut by the studio, this Orson Welles film might have been as great as Citizen Kane. Not releasing it on region 1 DVD adds to the indignity. Facets and Odd Obsession.
Egad�von Stroheim can�t catch a break. He plays Rommel in Billy Wilder�s superb and underseen WWII spy thriller. Facets.
Textbook noir from Andr� de Toth, about a married insurance exec who gets into hot water with a no-good dame. Facets.
Joan Fontaine adores conductor Louis Jourdan, but he barely knows she exists. Facets and Odd Obsession.
Yet another candidate for the how-is-this-not-on-DVD? pile, Nicholas Ray�s crazy anti-McCarthy Western features the greatest catfight in movie history. Facets and Odd Obsession.
Many true Welles connoisseurs consider this his masterpiece, but its only American video release was a low-grade 1987 VHS. Facets and Odd Obsession.
After Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper filmed what may be the most radical movie produced by an American studio. It�s since vanished into obscurity. Facets and Odd Obsession.
Vous ne parlez pas fran�ais? Too bad�the DVD of Jean Eustache�s nearly four-hour talkathon has no subtitles. Facets and Odd Obsession.
For years, this was probably considered Jacques Rivette�s official masterpiece expressly because it was the only vintage Rivette on VHS. Facets and Odd Obsession.
John Cassavetes�s most emotionally bold film�arguably the summation of his career�is nearly at Holy Grail status on home video. Facets and Odd Obsession.
VHS doesn�t do justice to Terence Davies�s exquisite, autobiographically inspired portrait of Liverpool. Facets.
The Dardenne brothers� Palme d�Or-winning portrait of a teen�s struggle with poverty is proof that even fairly recent critical hits aren�t necessarily on DVD. Facets.
By Ben Kenigsberg |

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