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A decidedly droll, subdued comedy from the Uruguayan duo behind ‘25 Watts’, whose slacker comedy here jumps a generation to permeate the story of a greying trio of sock-makers. Jacobo (Andres Pazos) is a gruff, downcast bachelor whose daily routine is as mechanical as the small-scale, dilapidated Montevideo sock-factory he owns. His assistant Marta (Mirella Pascual) blithely follows his pace, even to the point of agreeing to play his wife when his estranged brother Herman (Jorge Bolani) decides to visit from Brazil. It’s not much of an act, but Herman goes with it, gently fanning Marta’s spirit back to life and even prodding some semblance of self-inspection from the implacable Jacobo, notably during an away trip to the resort town of Piriápolis. Richly observed, the film leaves a piquant aftertaste.

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Cast and crew

Director: Pablo Stoll, Juan Pablo Rebella
Screenwriter: Gonzalo Delgado Galiana, Pablo Stoll, Juan Pablo Rebella
Cast: Daniel Hendler
Andres Pazos
Mirella Pascual
Jorge Bolani
Ana Katz