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13 albums you must hear this summer

From Daft Punk's disco to MGMT's mad pop, here are the records we most look forward to.

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (May 21)In a year filled with massive albums, here comes the most massivest of all. The last time the French duo released an album, Human After All, gas averaged just over $2 a gallon. The title was a ruse: It was the most robotic the two ever sounded. Now Daft Punk truly is going organic. RAM folds the entirety of the �70s�disco, television themes, soft rock, prog, AM radio�into a pill with the sole purpose of melting your brain and rumbling your pelvis.
Disclosure - Settle (Jun 4)Here�s all you need to know: Click this and this; watch and listen. �White Noise� and �You & Me� are two of the best dance singles of the young decade. Not bad for a couple of brothers around the age of 20 from Surrey, England. Dripping with feeling, these irresistible house anthems modernize the sound of Soul II Soul for the 21st century. Every club on Halsted should place this album behind scored glass that reads: BREAK IN CASE OF LAZY ASSES.
Beady Eye - BE (Jun 11)Oasis breaking up has given us some of the best Oasis music in ages. It�s common knowledge that the Gallagher brothers do not get along, but now they�re trying to outdo one another. Liam�s Beady Eye was first, with a terrible name but with some top Britpop tunes like �The Roller.� Noel countered with gems like �AKA�What a Life!� Now, the younger swings back with BE, a record that actually tries something new. Producer Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio adds a schmear of horns and a sound that pushes the Beatles fetishism into the digital age.
Boards of Canada - Tomorrow�s Harvest (Jun 11)It's a great time for cryptic electronic duo comebacks. Daft Punk�s cosmic disco odyssey arrives ready for the airwaves and dance floors. Scottish brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin explore a headier landscape of alien ambience and warped scores to imaged sun-bleached 16mm films.
Jagwar Ma - Howlin(Jun 11)Not to toot our own horn (okay, we�re totally tooting our own horn), but we predicted great things for this duo (once the solo project of Jono Ma) 16 month ago. Fine, we jumped the gun. At least these Australians have their timing down�the sea-sprayed, sun-stroked pop is perfect for the beach. First cut �Man I Need� begins as a sunset-colored psychedelic idyll, slowly swelling into a monster bongo rave in an aviary. Aussies can�t get enough of swimming, dancing and drinking. This record will be conducive to all three.
Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever (Jun 18)Bananas beat-maker Madlib returns under his playful alias. His chipmunk crunk is made for sprinkler jumping, all helium-huffing rhymes and goopy loops of crackles, scratches and bass whoomps, built from bowls of cereal and weed and dusty old LPs. You know, probably what Scooby-Doo is bumping in the Mystery Machine.
Sigur R�s - Kveikur (Jun 18)The epic Icelandic act has been pared back to just a trio, and it isn�t going quietly. Quick on the heels of the miniature gorgeousness of 2012�s Valtari comes Kveikur, a real steamroller. Always a force live, Sigur R�s bring a louder and harder approach to its falsetto eddas and guitar squalls.
Wale - The Gifted (Jun 25)In the trailer for his third album, Wale cuts up footage of Jordan and RGIII before proclaiming that he wants to be considered one of the greatest. Let�s dial it back a few notches, buddy. We�re just looking for something to bump at barbecues and in our cars while we�re stuck in traffic. Hopefully, this is the studio album that lives up to the promise of his ace Seinfeld-inspired mixtape.
MGMT - MGMT (July)After recording with producer Dave Fridmann (which makes sense, as MGMT strike us as Baby Flaming Lips), the ballsy duo proclaimed they were influenced by Aphex Twin for this follow-up to the ultimate curveball, Congratulations, a wonderfully bonkers psychedelic record we ate up. The first taste of this LP, �Alien Days,� released on cassette for Record Store Day, sounds like more of the same. Sorry, �Kids� fans! And Columbia Records!
Beck - untitled acoustic album (TBA)Somehow, half a decade has passed since the last Beck album, Modern Guilt. Not that the breakdancing troubadour has been slacking off. He�s produced records for Thurston Moore, Stephen Malkmus and Charlotte Gainsbourg. He�s cut a series of kooky covers albums for his website. He�s made songs for a mobile video game. He�s suddenly dropped a single recorded with Jack White. He�s published a book of sheet music. Expect this sparse folk album to land somewhere between the latter two endeavors and his early, early material. Or, at least that�s what we�d like to hear.
Drake - Nothing Was the Same (TBA)What was that Don Draper said last season about happiness? Once you get it, you only want more? That doesn�t really apply to rappers. Once they hit millionaire status, they tend to coast. See: �Started from the Bottom,� a depressingly terrible go-nowhere single from this Canadian MC. But his first two albums are great, so we keep the faith. Here�s hoping he�s man enough to tell his boss, Lil Wayne, That�s okay, sit this one out.
M.I.A. - Matangi (TBA)We have no idea what the hell is going on with this record, if it will ever come out. Perhaps M.I.A. and Missy Elliott are lounging on a pallet of money in the Maldives laughing at us. The video for �Bad Girls� rocked our eyeballs with insane car stunts set somewhere in the Middle East. Since then? Well, that one song was used in a Sandra Bullock movie trailer. Put this out already! Oh, and bring back those little aboriginal rappers from Kala. They were adorable.
 (Photograph: Erica Gannett)
Photograph: Erica GannettKanye West - Yeezus (Jun 18)Supposedly, Daft Punk helped out with a couple of tracks. Supposedly, when it was played for the label, the bigwigs flipped out. But what are they going to do? Criticize Kayne to his face? We only ask for two things: no Auto-Tune, no songs dedicated to Kim. Yes, we are deeply naive. UPDATE: West is getting biblical (or his ego is growing flood-sized, at least), dubbing his sixth album Yeezus. With snapping Rottweilers and distorted aggro vocals, his performance of new tracks "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves" on SNL suggest Big Baby Yeezus has been spinning a lot of DMX, Onyx and Death Grips lately.
By Brent DiCrescenzo

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