Council Meeting Regarding Plan To Address Homeless

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Council Meeting Regarding Plan To Address Homeless
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Council Meeting Regarding Plan To Address Homeless says
Please wear RED!

Show up and speak out. Why would we reward a failing model with over a million additional dollars? Other shelters, many of which have beds sitting empty, do far more performance wise on a much lower cost per bed basis. How can The Bridge need an additional 1.2 million dollars? What are we getting for our money now? Who benefits here? Not the citizens of Dallas. Not the local neighborhoods which are overrun by Bridge residents on a daily basis.

Follow the money.

Wake up Dallas! This is YOUR money being spent. How many potholes can be fixed with $1,200,000? How many police officers can be hired? How many senior citizens served? How many library books bought? How many arts programs funded? How many bike lanes installed?
Follow the money.

Who allowed/encouraged the growth of tent city? Again, who now stands to benefit by "fixing" a problem which never should have existed? Follow the money.

Show up. Speak out.


Stop rewarding failure. Demand Results. Run our city like it matters, because to us it does.

We will no longer sit silent. Our memories are long and the 2017 elections are coming. Follow the money. We are.

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