Join Our World Voice Day Live Chat

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Join Our World Voice Day Live Chat
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Join Our World Voice Day Live Chat says
Honey heals the voice? Whispering beats shouting? We invite you to ask our voice experts your questions about voice care and voice myths during a special live chat on our Facebook and Twitter channels. (Use hashtag #worldvoicedaydfw to join the conversation on Twitter.)

Some of the frequently asked questions we will answer include:

Is whispering as bad for your voice as shouting?
What foods and drinks help and hurt your voice?
What happens to your vocal cords as they age?
What are some home remedies to heal a lost or hoarse voice?
Can acid reflux harm my vocal cords?
Why do we feel the need to “clear” our throats?

What questions do you have? We look forward to chatting with you!
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By: UT Southwestern Medical Center