Pre Aurora: Waas Gallery Presents E.Volv

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Pre Aurora: Waas Gallery Presents E.Volv
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The event creator says

•‘E.volv’ hosted by WAAS Gallery is an immersive experience centered around the community’s most innovative new media artists.•

For this event, WAAS has brought together gallery mainstays such as Taylor Effin Cleveland, Eric Trich, and Edward Ruiz, and placed them alongside other heavy­hitters from Chicago, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

‘E.volv’ was largely inspired by the basis of Philip K. Dick’s 1965 novel ‘The Three Stigmataof Palmer Eldritch’, which focuses on a futuristic world where unhappy space colonists turn to psychedelic drugs to make their lives more bearable. These drugs transport the user’s consciousness into the mind of Palmer Eldritch, a cyborg merchant. In ‘e.volv’, Cleveland aims to become Eldritch, bringing the participants into his mind. Cleveland operates as an exaggerated caricature of himself, playing with notions of digital identity and how contemporary culture allows for a manipulation of self beyond your physical body. He also identifies as post­human, eschewing identifiers such as gender and age.

A unique, yet appropriate addition to this event is Uptown Goths, AKA Redsean, who has been one of the leading DJ voices in Dallas for years now. Uptown Goths will be performing twice through the night, first as his legal name. Here, Uptown Goths will finally present his analog modular project, at least 8 years in the making, a partnership between his pop sensibilities and the entropy that his medium provides. His moniker for this project will be announced during this set, bringing this project fully to fruition.

Trich and Ruiz are both creating projection mapping works outside the gallery, incorporating both large sculptural elements and video rojection, alongside performances by Zhora. Trich will also have a performance with Tara Baker.

Other artists involved with the show include Sean Miller, Megan Arzaga, and Boston Kassidy

The evening’s programming includes a panel discussion with the light artists titled ‘A Conversation with Light’ from 7:30­–8:30pm and the performance will follow from 8:30–11:30pm, as a preview for Aurora on Flora Street.


•WAAS Gallery requests that all participants wear white, to assist with interaction with the projection mapping works.•

Assistant Director: Ashley Nicole Whitby
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