Sandwich Making For The Homeless Tango Tab

Sandwich Making For The Homeless   Tango Tab

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Who are we? TangoTab is a mobile app that lets you claim free deals for lunch and dinner simply by checking-in at restaurants in your area. Every time you do, TangoTab feeds a person in need locally. Simply put - When you Eat, They Eat. To feed more people in need we hold these sandwich making events every month to get communities more involved by rolling up their sleeves and providing meals for those in need. It's always a great time and we are looking forward to seeing you. We are on target to hit ONE MILLION people fed by the end of March so please come and join us and of course, download the app - it's FREE! Download TangoTab > Here's all the info you need about Saturday, March 7! Please arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am. We will begin promptly at 9am. Who Can Come: All adults and young adults, kids 2” taller than the table who can work for 45 minutes—no kids who have to be tended to. How to Dress: Pull hair back so it doesn't hang in your face or wear ball cap, wear anything you can get bleach spots on. *** WHAT TO BRING *** You can bring any of the items in any combination, but this is what we recommend... For approximately $16 at Aldi, you can get.... • 3 Packs of Meat - try to find the 1lb package that has approx. 16 slices • 3 (16 slice) American Cheese • 4 Loaves of Bread - try to find a loaf that has 24 slices (not including the ends) • 1 Mustard - plain yellow • 1 Bag of Tortilla Chips • 1 Pack of cookies • 1 (100 ct.) of Sandwich Bags (make sure they zip) PLEASE TRY TO BRING AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF MEAT, CHEESE & BREAD... Example: If you bring enough slices of cheese for 72 sandwiches, bring enough meat and bread for 72 sandwiches. Here is a breakdown of all the items.... Sliced sandwich bread (we prefer wheat bread)—one loaf of bread makes 10 sandwiches—cheapest is at Aldi’s, Walmart, and Sam’s Sliced Meat (BOLOGNA OR TURKEY)— DO NOT bring the kind from the deli. The flat sliced kind from the refridgerated section is what we need to use. If you have questions please ask. American cheese—Yep, that sliced kind. Tortilla chips—buy the biggest bag you can find Cookies—sandwich cookies (look for 7-10 cents-a-pound cookies), animal crackers, other cookies, or homemade cookies. For homemade cookies, wear gloves when you take them off the cookie sheet, and wear gloves when you put them in a large zip bag to bring them. Sandwich Bags - We don't care about the brand just as long as they zip. Mustard - any brand is good, as long as it is plain yellow mustard. ALSO! THE NODDING DONKEY WILL BE PROVIDING BREAKFAST AND DRINK SPECIALS!!!! Free parking behind the Restaurant in the parking lot or in front of it (limited space up front). Also, just a block away towards the train tracks is the Barley House. There is a lot right there to park in. AT THE END OF THE DAY WE WILL HOPE TO MAKE ENOUGH SANDWICHES TO FEED OVER 4000 PEOPLE! Looking forward to seeing you.

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