Undercover In Syria A Woman Of Steel

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Undercover In Syria   A Woman Of Steel
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Undercover In Syria A Woman Of Steel says
While the war in Syria rages on, one Israeli Woman is trying to make a difference.

" For the past 10 years, the 46-year-old has been living in places most of us only see on the six o’clock news. When a mammoth tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2005, Anat and her team of volunteers pitched a tent in Sri Lanka, where they proceeded to cook 42,000 meals in 14 days. That same year, when the Georgian government decided it was too dangerous to send assistance to villages near the Chechen border after torrential rains caused severe flooding in the area, Anat not only found a way to get to the distressed, she brought with her 10 tons of food and supplies. Name any disaster or conflict, Anat has been there. Rwanda, Darfur, Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Burma, Haiti, Kashmir, even New Orleans.
These days, however, every minute of Anat’s time and energy is spent on only one crisis: the Syrian conflict."
- from the Daily Beast

Join us at The Intown Chabad to meet the real live Anat (we can't use her name online for security reasons) and hear her incredible stories.

7:30PM Cocktails and dessert
8:00PM Presentation

Tammy and Adam Diamond
David Olshansky

See the full article in the Daily Beast here
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By: The intown chabad