An Arm Wrestling Benefit For Mpp!

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An Arm Wrestling Benefit For Mpp!
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An Arm Wrestling Benefit For Mpp! says
For years, MPP's Rob Kampia has been talking a big game about his arm-wrestling prowess, but he has shown little evidence to back up his claims. (He claims to have won 25 out of 26 matches against female opponents, in addition to winning a meager one out of two matches against male opponents.)

Jaime Lewis, the head of Mountain Medicine in Denver, has publicly challenged Rob to back up his claims, and he has accepted! Can he defeat her in an arena setting?

To make things even more interesting, 12 other contestants have agreed to "leave it all on the table" for MPP in what will surely be a legendary test of both wit and will.

- Samantha Walsh vs. Joe Megesy (two of the top marijuana lobbyists in Denver)

- Troy Dayton (ArcView Group) vs. Tripp Keber (Dixie Elixirs)

- Jane West (Women Grow) vs. Amanda Reiman (DPA)

- Ean Seeb (Denver Relief Consulting) vs. Jason Glowacki (Glow Industries)

- Betty Aldworth (SSDP) vs. Taylor West (NCIA)

- Genifer Murray (CannLabs) vs. Emily Paxhia (Poseidon Asset Management)

World-famous wrestler Rob Van Dam will be flying in from Los Angeles to emcee the event and to keep the trash talk withing bounds.

Who will emerge victorious? Who will say things in the heat of the moment that they will (or won't) regret?

Join us on April 19, 2015 as we make history in Colorado yet again, by bringing you the most impressive display of the cannabis world’s brains and brawn.

Tickets to this vitally important event are $150 apiece, with all proceeds going to MPP's lobbying efforts. Only 200 tickets will be sold, so make sure that you reserve your space today!

The sponsors of this event are:

- MedMen (management consulting firm)

- Vicente Sederberg (law firm)

- CannaSure (insurance firm)

- ArcView Group (investors firm)
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By: Marijuana Policy Project