Bands 4 Bands Entertainment Presents Sleeze & Red Stinger

Bands 4 Bands Entertainment Presents Sleeze & Red Stinger
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Bands 4 Bands Entertainment Presents Sleeze & Red Stinger says
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How do you describe Sleeze? Well, that's impossible my friend.

Circulating the massive skull-fucking that is Sleeze, is truly something marvelous.People often overlook the serious heart that is put into this band. They've walked a long road to get where they're headed, and they're still truckin' today.

You see children, even adults today are disillusioned by the music "fad" running around them. They're being choaked and gagged by what the media across this wasteland is shoving down their throats. Sleeze stuck it out, they refused to conform to socities twisted guidelines. One conversation with the guys will teach ya' that though. But really, don't take my word for it, it's something you need to hear for yourself.

Red Stinger

RED STiNGER is the bastard love child of cocaine and whiskey. An irreverent bunch known for their balls deep blending of punk/metal/hip-hop and ska core.

Fast Crash

The music began in early 2012 with Mr. Mario Betancourt and Joel Patterson. Fall brought the formal addition of "Gorthak" and Emerald Bixby.

Fast Crash posted a few raw live bleed recordings and began playing venues and house parties in the Spring of 2013 to very enthusiastic crowds of loving fans!

Fast Crash began home studio recording tracks in the winter of 2013 and hope to complete and master a full length release ASAP!

Thank you to Emerald Bixby for her past efforts. Welcome to Jered Eide, our newest vocal addition to Fast Crash!

Portabello Road
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By: Casselmans Bar & Venue Denver