Comedians' Power Hour Clash Of The Champions

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Comedians' Power Hour   Clash Of The Champions
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Comedians' Power Hour Clash Of The Champions says
These two Drinking Titans have been on a collision course since the dawn of Comedian's Power Hour. Much like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, both are former champions who have rode long undefeated streaks in the CPH circuit (even though Sam lost to James Buster Douglas in Florida a few months ago).

This is the biggest Power Hour to date, like Mayweather/Pacquiao, but unlike that event, we can guarantee this one won't suck...

What is "Comedians' Power Hour" you ask???

The Power Hour is an immature college drinking game where a person attempts to drink a shot OF BEER every minute for an hour.

"COMEDIAN'S POWER HOUR" is a comedy show originating in Albuquerque, NM and now with offshoots in (NYC, Denver, Texas, Florida, etc.). It involves 2 chuckle-smiths going head to head making this classic drinking game a comedy competition.

Every show is different but a typical CPH looks like this:

-Both chuckle-smiths trade off doing 2 minute sets of stand-up.
HOWEVER... between each set is A DOUBLE SHOT OF BEER

As the show goes on, comics run into strategically placed challenges leading to SHOTS OF LIQUOR for the runner up.
Challenges play into their intoxication level and range from:
- 2 Minutes of Doing Each Other’s Material
- Give your competitor a Best Man Speech
- Audience = a Losting Football Team, Comics = coaches. Give the Best Halftime Speech
- Etc, Etc, Etc...

You see how it goes.... Challenges change every show and usually end with something really unfit for a person who has had too much to drink (i.e. - "Describe the plot to the saddest movie you've ever seen without crying")

Get there early!! We'll have to start on time because of some bullshit after us!!
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