Denver, Co Amazonian/Tibetan Primordial Breathwork W/ Ceremonial Cacao

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Denver, Co   Amazonian/Tibetan Primordial Breathwork W/ Ceremonial Cacao
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Denver, Co Amazonian/Tibetan Primordial Breathwork W/ Ceremonial Cacao says
Pre-registration is required, as space is limited.

This Transformational Breathwork workshop merges two traditional methods from the Amazon and Tibet.

This is a multidimensional experience, encompassing many facets of our being. It is very helpful for the reactivation of our energetic chakra vortexes to their natural, higher vibrational frequencies. The practice also aids in the location and elimination of psychosomatic sources of disease, tensions, inhibitions and repressed emotions. It employs an ancient, cathartic, healing breath, activating and purifying our emotional memory at the cellular level.

This ancient practice is similar to more recently developed methods, including the Rebirthing method developed by Leonard Ore, and Holotrophic Breathwork, brought forward by Stanislav Groff. However, this practice is rooted in a more shamanic perspective that is reflected in both Tibetan and Amazonian cultures. The distinct benefit of this specific practice is the synchronization of the breath via awareness, sound, drumbeat and cyclical rhythm, which ultimately reveals the pulse of life force in nature as an infinitely diverse and unified consciousness.

The cosmology and the theoretical background of this practice relates to the hero’s conscious journey towards the original primordial state of blissful divine union, as mirrored in ancient cultures and spiritual traditions from around the world. That original state is recognized to be the source of all creative potential and a fundamentally vital element in evolutionary healing.

At many of our sessions, we initiate the space by offering participants ceremonial cacao. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that can increase blood supply to the brain, help to facilitate deeper energetic and emotional release, and increase connection to energy flow and heart space. In this way the cacao supports us in deepening the journey with the breathwork. Intake of cacao is optional.

IMPORTANT Preparation Information:
- Do NOT eat 2 hours before this practice
- If you are taking any pharmaceutical medications or have a history of mental illness, a heart condition, or are pregnant, you must contact us prior to the session.

Sliding Scale Contribution: $35 - $50


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By: Paititi Institute