Free 2 Hour Dream Workshop

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Free 2 Hour Dream Workshop
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Free 2 Hour Dream Workshop says
Exploring the Language of Soul Through Dream Tending

Have you ever woken from a dream with the feeling that something powerful just happened? Or have you been intrigued by a dream that left you feeling befuddled? Curious about lucid dreaming? Perhaps you’ve used a dream dictionary to try to interpret the hidden meaning of a particular dream symbol, but what you find doesn’t seem to fit. If so, this 2-hour workshop is for you! Come and let me guide you through a series of practical applications to understanding and interpreting your dreams that you will be able to use at home.

What are Dreams?
Dreams come to us for a few reasons. On a simple level, our mind uses sleep time to process unfinished emotions from the day. These dreams can be very healing. However, we also have dreams that contain what we would consider to be bizarre content, lacking logic, or changing characters or settings on a dime. These dreams offer us messages from our soul, which communicates through image and story versus logic or thought. Additionally, we can work with our subconscious to bring us information through our dreams, and even use dream time to manifest in our waking lives.

Why Engage in Dream Tending?
Our subconscious mind is a powerful source of inspiration, insight, intuition and spiritual guidance that we often pay little attention to. Dreams are a portal to the source of who we are, and tapping into that source provides us with great power. At times, our dreams give us intuitive warnings or information about people or circumstances in our lives that we need to act on. We also sometimes have profoundly spiritual dreams that put us in touch with source energy and allow us to experience true connection to all creation. Additionally, when we engage with the bizarre and logic lacking dream symbols, we find inspiration, guidance and healing for our waking lives. If you’ve never experienced these types of dreams or this level of dream work, please join us in waking up to the power of our dreams.
This is a free event, but please help me to reciprocate the generosity of People House Denver, providing us the space, by considering a donation in support of their community mission.
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