How Prana Moves: The 5 Vayus

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How Prana Moves: The 5 Vayus
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How Prana Moves: The 5 Vayus says
Mastering your breath is one of the key components in improving and advancing your yoga practice. When you are able to harness the power of your breath, you can use if to help influence the body and mind, ultimately changing your outlook and reality.

This workshop will explore the 5 ways prana moves. We will work with asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, and meditation techniques to give you a unique experience of each of these 5 vayus.

Join me each month from August to December as we explore each of the ways prana moves. Come for one, some, or all!

August 27th: Pran - Energizing, revitalizing, recharging
September 24th: Apana - grounding, releasing, eliminating
October 29th: Samana - assimilating, balancing, discerning
November 19th: Udana - growing, inspiring, transforming
December 17th: Vyana - circulating, expanding, distributing

Single class: $30
3 classes: $80
5 classes: $130

About Lisa:
Lisa’s love affair with the practice of yoga began some 15 years ago in a Bikram studio in San Francisco. What began as a physical and mental challenge to just stay in the room for the duration of class, quickly became a deep and healing connection for her body, mind, and spirit, and eventually became a life’s passion and calling.
After years of searching for a style of yoga to focus her energy, in 2011 she found Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Para Yoga. She is now on track to become a Para Yoga certified instructor and studies mainly under Yogarupa.
Yoga, and life, is an evolutionary process. We humans are always growing and changing, discovering and understanding. The more we can reflect upon our growth and change, the more we can discover and understand who we truly are and rejoice in it. Hari Om!
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By: Karma Yoga Center

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