Influence Have You Thought About It Like This?

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Influence   Have You Thought About It Like This?
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Influence Have You Thought About It Like This? says
What is Influence for you?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this word?

How do you go about Influencing people, life or yourself?

I believe that we are all Connected - just as if Us, The World, The Nature were a single organism.
Therefore, if one of us Forces changes in the world, Forces "making things happen" - this will break the harmony of the organism.

I also believe that if one of us Wants to produce a change or Wants to create something but without Forcing that, the wisdom of the Nature will find a way to bring that to life, preserving the harmony of the whole.

When we are Present and Grounded, having Clarity about the Inside-Out nature of life, our Needy Ego subsides and our Authentic Self grows, and we get to hear the voice of our inner wisdom.

In this Playshop, I want to inspire for you the Mindful attitude that's most effective in influencing life, others or even yourself.

Why would I want to do that?

Because I want to live in a world where people are 'friends' with each other - they feel safe and secure in the company of others because they know that nobody will "force" or "trick" them into doing something against their will.

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From my 24 years experience as a salesperson and 9 years as a change-worker/ hypnotherapist I learned that influencing a human being in a harmonious way requires Connection, Presence and a bit of Playfulness.

As an exchange of value for this experience I am offering, my fee is $50 for one person, but if you bring a guest it's $75 for both of you.

Let's have a deep conversation and a playful experience of what it's like to Be a Mindful and Candid Influencer...

If you want to talk with me about this event, call me at 303-503-4527.

Love and Kindness,

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