Iridology And Essential Oils For Sensual Healing And Reproductive Health

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Iridology And Essential Oils For Sensual Healing And Reproductive Health
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Iridology And Essential Oils For Sensual Healing And Reproductive Health says
In this workshop, you will learn about Iridology - the science and practice of reading the irises of the eyes. Iridology is an ancient tool for accessing the current health and state of a person's body, mind and spirit. We will focus on the reproductive system and each person will receive a macro photograph of their iris! Hayley will explain natural ways to care for this part of our body through foods, herbs and self-care treatments.
We will also cover essential oils that benefit this important system. Somah will bring her organic oils for everyone to utilize.
Hayley will discuss the female anatomy - specifically the not-widely-known female prostate gland. She will also bring up the sacred topic of female ejaculation.
This is a safe container - both women and men are invited!

Cost is on a sliding scale: $11-$44

About Somah:
Somah is a mind/body guide... “My intention is to show how the flexibility in the body is connected to the thoughts in the mind and then offer kriyas, mudras, pranayama and affirmative statements to assist with transcending ‘the stories’.
Somah was an International Professional Figure Skater, (Tracy Shulman) competing and performing around the world. She then coached for 20+ years. Working with mind/body was always a passion. She began a yoga practice in 1997; a great contrast to the ice and intensity. As she noticed the benefits of yoga, she hired different yoga teachers to work with her elite skaters. Somah left the skating world in 2007 and dove deeply into this Yoga awareness. In 2011 she went to Rishikesh, India and completed over 400 hours of study on mudras, pranayama, and Kriya. She studied privately, one on one, with the Master/Guru, Anand Mehrotra. She continued her studies with Anand and her travels to India, leading her into living in the Himalayans in 2013 learning the ancient techniques and therapeutic practices of Ayurveda. She continues to go back regularly. Her "Sattva Yoga" classes blend movement, powerful music and a deep connection to inner consciousness.

She is the creator and founder of AffirmativeYoga! and the founder of SaviturBotanicals; an Essential Oil company dedicated to supporting organic small family farms worldwide

About Hayley:
Hayley has been studying Natural Medicine since she graduated High School. She immediately enrolled in Massage Therapy school and is currently studying to be a Naturopath. Hayley has been learning in-depth about female ejacualtion for 4 years. She is also apprenticing with a womb and shamanic healer. She is also a certified Healing Diets coach, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. She loves all things that offer gratitude back to Mother Earth.
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By: Karma Yoga Center

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